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Major and Minor Characters

Major Characters


Jimin: Sixteen years old in 1950, he spent his first eleven years on Ockdo, a remote island in the South Sea of Korea. He lived in Hadong, a town near the southern seacoast, 250 miles south of Seoul, with his grandfather's extended family for one and a half years, then moved to Seoul with his mother and sister. 
Sora: She lived in America for seven years and came back to Korea in 1946 at the age of twelve. She went to an elite high school in Seoul, but the war brought disaster to her family. 
Sinman: Twenty-five years old in 1950, he is known to be a bastard son of the police chief of Hadong. 
Misern: Nine years younger than Jimin, she is his sister. She was born on Ockdo; Jimin loves and cares deeply about her. 
Bark Sangwon: He is Jimin's father. He grew up in Hadong and went to Teacher's College in Seoul. After getting married in 1927, he and his friends tried to establish a communal farm on Ockdo, his ancestral island. But then a conflict with the Japanese authorities thwarted them, and he went to fight the Japanese in Manchuria. After the Second World War he moved his family from Ockdo to Hadong and intended to settle there, but his involvement in a riot a year later changed everything for him and his family.

List of Characters


Bark Jimin               Protagonist
Bark Misern             Jimin's little sister
Bark Sangwon         Jimin's father
Sun Harbin             Jimin's mother
Bark Jongwon         Jimin's uncle; Sangwon's younger brother
Bark Hwayong         Jimin's grandfather

Yi Sora                     A girl with whom Jimin falls in love

Barn Sinman           Jimin's antagonist 
Barn Taesoo            Sinman's father; Hadong police chief
Barn Sookhee          Barn Taesoo's sister

Shin Yongnam        Best friend of Jimin's father Bark Sangwon
Shin Hoon               Yongnam's son

Kwon Yoojin           Jimin's friend from Hadong
Kim Unhee              A young mother Jimin meets in Hadong 

Doctor Jung           An official in the short-lived communist regime
Jung Namjin           Doctor Jung's son
Jung Jongsook        Doctor Jung's daughter

Comrade Hwang    A partisan band leader 
Kimoon                    A boy in a refugee camp in JiriSan 
Teacher Yang         An old man in the hijacked bus
Nam Wonsik           A young man with a pockmarked face
Ahn Doohan           A man from the north in the hijacked bus


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