Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feedback on Tendrils of Life Audiobook by DeeGee 

What did you love best about Tendrils of Life?
Tendrils of Life is a page-turning literary epic in the style of Steinbeck's East of Eden or Buck's The Good Earth. Choi's characters bring alive the real experience of war -- not a date and fact overview from the history books, or a casualty count from the headlines, but the daily lives of realistic characters as they navigate the horrors and chaos of war.

Choi makes the reader care for Jimin and his family, but also understand the actions and motivations of his adversaries. What appears to be a classic family feud between the Barks and the Barns unravels to be a far more complex tale of human fallibility. There are no fairytale endings here, but Choi leads the reader through the sorrow to a place of hope.

What about Tim Campbell’s performance did you like?
Campbell's performance was masterful. He easily navigated any pronunciation difficulties with Korean names and language. His characterization was very natural and engaging -- making me forget that this was just one person dramatizing the story and numerous voices.

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